Personalised seating delivers unique recognition of loyalty and status to fans and corporate guests.

Use SeatID to celebrate season ticket holders, members, commercial partners and visiting VIPs at sports and entertainment venues.


Bespoke colour, non invasive frame


Personalised, location specific insert


Secure, tamperproof retainer


The primary component is a one-off purchase in a colour that compliments your venues seats.

Long lasting and refillable

Designed specifically to ensure that the frame and its contents are secure yet easy to change on an ad-hoc basis.

Bespoke Colours

Frames can be selected from a range of stock colours or produced as bespoke items to reflect venue seating schemes.

One-off installation

Frames are securely retro-fitted to seats without the need for invasive fittings and automatically re-used for new inserts.


Personalised content is achieved in one of two ways – reverse printed onto an acrylic insert or simply printed onto a PVC or card label that is positioned behind a clear acrylic insert. We find that the printed acrylic inserts have long term properties and that the printed labels, when used behind a clear acrylic insert, give you more flexibility. You can order them in a combination that works for your venue.

Personalised content

Acrylic inserts or PVC or card labels are printed using colours that represent your brand and individual style. Design can incorporate images, logos, single or multiple lines of text in any font, style or colour combination.

Location specific

Printed inserts and labels can display the specific block, row and seat location details to pinpoint exactly where it should be installed at the venue.

Content protected

Finalised designs are either printed onto the reverse side an acrylic insert or onto a PVC or card label and located behind a clear acrylic insert, which protects them from deliberate tampering and the effects of being exposed to the elements.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you can’t find what your looking for please contact us and we will be happy to answer your question.

Will SeatID work in my stadium?

SeatID comes as either a two-part or three-part product that will cover all seating eventualities. In two parts, the frame and reverse-printed acrylic insert is recommended for longer-term installations for season ticket holders or seasonal sponsorship visibility etc.

In three parts, it’s a frame, a clear acrylic insert and a supplementary printed label (you can do this yourself if you wish) which is easily slipped behind the acrylic and then just as easily taken out again.  This version offers the versatility to adapt your personalisation on an event-by-event basis.

How would SeatID work for me?

Added value or revenue stream? You choose.

SeatID can be used as a value-added proposition with loyal fans and registered guests or as a revenue opportunity at critical times of the season.

It’s a great way to add status and depth to a season ticket promotion or VIP package while simply absorbing the cost into each individual package.

Alternatively, it can provide an upsell opportunity during the sales process for a season ticket or individual match ticket anywhere in the stadium. SeatID can easily pay for itself – or more – while adding unique personalisation and engagement properties to your customer relationship programme.

How long does SeatID last?

The rigid polypropylene frames and the UV resistant acrylic inserts are will withstand many years of exposure to the elements and represent a value-for-money proposition season after season. Remember, once you’ve bought the frames, any updates to seat ownership or sponsorship messaging only requires replacement of a printed insert or label.

What are the colour and design choices?

They’re pretty much all yours.

We carry a selection of stock colours that can be incorporated into most stadium brandings.  But if you want a bespoke, colour-referenced frame, then we can do that too. The design of the insert or label is yours to create as well, although our own creative team is always happy to help.

The only restriction is (obviously) the space available.

What if I want to mix the two and three-part options within one order?

No problem!

We can supply the two or three-part product in any volume within a single order.  The two-part version is by far the most popular option, but the mix is really down to your own requirements.

How much does it cost?

Our prices start at a level that’s competitive for any size of stadium and almost any volume.  But it’s true to say that the more you buy, the smaller the unit cost.  After a short conversation with you, we can provide a no-obligation quote that will take into account all the variables including volume, product option and frame colour.